Reef Filter Media! - Chunky GFO & Lab Carbon!

Pleased to be offering new filter media-  excellent quality and value!

PHOSPHATE REMOVER - new large particle size - zero fines!!

ACTIVATED CARBON - GAC - Premium grade supper absorption

DUAL - A premixed media including both of the above for those that want to run in a single reactor.

also doing some fantastic value deals on twin packs and bulk tub savers!! see all filter media items

both designed for reef aquaria but equally suitable to tropical fish and ponds - improve water quality and banish nuisance algae!! 😎

We also have a limited amount of live algae Chaetomorpha for your saltwater sump (fast growing strain - only while stocks last ) - great for taking down nitrate and phosphate naturally.

 aqua core UK - Filter media for reef tank aquariums

 Reef Essentials Media Pack


 macro algae for sump chaetomorpha

the natural approach - Chaetomorpha algae growing in your sump or reactor to out -compete other nitrate hungry alge in the display - harvested regularly thereby exporting waste!

saltwater aquarium filter media - bio aqua core

TWIN PACKS AVAILABLE IN THE CORESHOP! essential carbon and GFO reactor media fuel  - both staples to improve water quality.