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Coir Brick 5KG Coconut Soil 80L - Peat free compost

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XL Coconut Coir Block
5kg expands up to 80 litres
(just add water)

an excellent peat free growing medium with lots of uses!

✔100% Coco Peat double washed and screened

Natural sustainable product - alternative to peat

For indoor and outdoor use, suitable for germination, cuttings, potting mixes & hydroponics

Excellent reptile bedding & substrate in vivariums / terrariums

Free from pests, parasites and diseases

✔Versatile - fluffy, airy and porous 

Holds nutrients - good gas exchange - slow to breakdown

✔Quality - washed and screened, very low chloride or sodium

pH = 5.5-6.5 EC (at the time of packaging) = 0.20-0.50 mS / cm Expansion rate 75-85 Litres approx.

Mixing Instructions:

- Unwrap Block.

- Place the block in a large tub or wheelbarrow and add 20 litres of warm water.

- Allow the block swell for at least an hour.

- Mix well - breaking up any larger chunks until even.

- The Coir is now ready to use!

Fertilizer & other components may be added depending on use.
*Note coir is low in nutrients - Add organic fertiliser to use as a stand alone planting medium depending on application.