Coral Fusion small packet
AQUA Core's best coral food
Coral Fusion™ - 20g - Plankton Powder Reef Feed
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Coral Fusion™ - 20g - Plankton Powder Reef Feed

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Product Description:

Aqua Core -  Coral Fusion™ Plankton Powder - 20g

The small particle foodstuff for Corals, Filter Feeders and other reef inhabitants.
A unique fusion of planktonic organisms!

Simply mix with a small amount of aquarium water and add to tank for broadcast feeding several times a week.
Can also be used for target feeding.
A concentrated product that will go a long way!

Will often induce polyp extension & feeding response within seconds of adding to aquarium. For improved health, faster growth and brighter colouration.

Unique special formula based on the nutritional needs of marine corals & other filter feeders.

 Convenient Freeze Dried Powder.
Zooplankton & Phytoplankton.
 Including Micro Algae, Copepods and Krill.
 Provides food in a range of sizes. 
 Average particle <200 microns - range 5-1500 microns.
 No Added Fillers - Only Natural Ingredients. 
 High in Omega 3, HUFA and essential fatty acids.
 Rich In Carotenoids & other Pigments for Bright Colouration.
 Long shelf life
✔ Excellent Value - Quality Ingredients - Made in the UK

For soft and stony corals, LPS plus many other inhabitants of your reef tank, such as feather dusters, worms, clams, shrimps, fish, larvae, micro critters, crabs, sponges and more.

Main Ingredients:
Plankton, Copepods, Krill , Chlorella, Spirulina, Kelp & Daphnia.

Typical Analysis:
PROTEIN: 55% / FAT: 14% / FIBER: 4% / ASH MINERALS: <8%

20g - Supplied in eco friendly re-sealable foil fresh pouch.

a convenient & beneficial 'all in one' product to get extra nutrition into your saltwater aquarium system.

Like all Aqua Core foods its made in small batches to ensure maximum freshness.

also available in 50g version.