Phytoplankton Powder Fish Food
Micro Algae for aquatic use
Micro Algae Phyto marine reef tank
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Pure Micro Algae Powder - Phytoplankton

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Product Description:

Aqua Core® -  Micro Algae Powder - 20g

✔ Phyto Powder Feed For Aquaculture.
✔ Supreme nutrition for Freshwater or Marine organisms.
✔ *Enhanced With Probiotics! 
✔ Tiny Particle Size.
✔ Made with Pure Premium Quality Algae - No Fillers or Preservatives.
✔ High in enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
✔ Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, and proteins.
For Feeding Cultures such as Artemia, Copepod & Daphnia.
✔ For Feeding Corals / Fry & Shrimp Larvae /Clams & crustaceans.
Can also be sprinkled into other food mixes as an enrichment.

Use as powder or Mix with water to make paste or liquid feeds. Very concentrated, a little goes a long way!
20g is approx equivalent to 50 litres concentrated phytoplankton solution!
Foil Fresh Eco Friendly Pouch - long shelf life

*Enhanced With Probiotics! - shown to help the digestibility of nutrients, increase tolerance to stress & disease, encourage reproduction.

Main Ingredients:
Algae - Spirulina / Chlorella  
Probiotic Additive (1,000,000 cfu/g (min) Bacillus Subtilis Strain)

20g - Supplied in eco friendly re-sealable foil fresh pouch.

Like all Aqua Core foods its made in small batches to ensure maximum freshness.