Black Gold for Potted Plants! Horticultural Charcoal / activated Carbon

Charcoal - Used for thousands of years in agriculture!

The human use of charcoal as a soil amendment dates back to ancient times when the Amazonians mixed it into the infertile soils of the amazon basin to increase the suitability for growing crops. Terra Peta as it is known was made by adding a mixture of charcoal, bone, broken pottery, compost and manure to the low fertility Amazonian soil. A product of indigenous soil management slash and char agriculture! - the charcoal is stable and remains in the soil for thousands of years, binding and retaining minerals and nutrients.

Terra Core - Premium Horticultural Charcoal for potted plants

Benefits of adding horticultural charcoal to soils include:

  • Helps maintain a healthy soil for plants!
  • Better Air Circulation to roots
  • Better Drainage
  • Retains nutrients, aids uptake by the roots
  • Encourages beneficial organisms
  • Adsorbs some toxins - keeps them locked within its structure.
  • Adds essential carbon, beneficial nutrients & trace elements
  • Excellent additive for houseplants including orchids and cacti.
  • Keeps bottle gardens and terrarium soil healthy.

for plants inside and out!

for plants inside and out!

Try our premium Horticultural Charcoal Today, available in 1 litre to 20 litre tubs!

Best Carbon Charcoal for compost mixes

vivarium bio active

Excellent for use in bottle gardens and full size vivariums - keeps substrate fresher!

also available in bulk to trade customers / nurseries.

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