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  • Terra Core Brand for Quality Horticulture Supplies
  • Tropical House Plant Specialist
  • Brilliant Products created by Growers
  • Expert Planting Substrates & Soil Amendments
  • Unique Goods for Indoor Gardeners
  • Designed, tried and tested by hobbyists
  • Made In the UK
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  • Keep your plants healthy!
  • Buy our specialist potting mixes & soil conditioners
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    We are a small brand offering a range of specialist substrates and accessory kits for the modern plant hobbyist.

    All our items are made with quality materials put together after much research and testing. Our products are not mass produced from the cheapest materials like many commercial brands, we make our products with love!

    Terra Core provide a range of increasingly popular Houseplant / Indoor Gardening Items - such as specialist planting composts, potting mixes and soil amendments.

    Our mission is to provide excellent products delivered fast & efficiently with superb customer service, happy clients & end customers.

    Some of our popular items include Orchid Substrate, Carnivorous Bog Mix Compost, Cacti Grit, Premium Horticultural Charcoal, Other Soil amendments and house plant accessories, Vivarium & Terrarium goods.

    We want happy customers with thriving plants!

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    Terra Core brand is based in Poole, Dorset, UK

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