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Blooming Beautiful! - Our Different Orchid Substrates

 orchid bark compost best

We now offer a range of alternative ORCHID SUBSTRATES

Allowing you to choose the one that's right for you!

We believe these are a million times better than the cheap commercially available orchid compost which is often way to fine a powder, lacking any real structure for drainage and aeration.

All Terra Core potting mixes are made from premium sterilized, clean ingredients. Below shows the different orchid barks available from Core Shop.

All are suitable for commonly kept species such as potting Phalaenopsis.

Don't forget we sell orchid pots too - more accessories coming soon including a new range of fertilisers, sticks, clips and misters!


best type of orchid bark in UK by Terra Core

Our most popular potting mix for orchids is out 'Forest Blend' but we also supply a super chunky version with lava rock (great for bigger plants) and an expert blend with added charcoal and other fertilisers.

see the full range here

 orchid belnds


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1) Gather your materials and choose working area - somewhere outside like a potting bench or indoors if you put some newspaper down! to avoid mess.
You will need a new pot (preferably a plastic inner pot if using ceramic / or a well ventilated one), Orchid Potting Mix Bark Substrate, a small pair of scissors, some water, perhaps new orchid stick and a few butterfly clips.

2) Remove any packaging / plastic film from your orchid if its a new store bought one

3) Whilst supporting the plant gently ease the old pot from around the roots

4) Shake off the excess compost and inspect the roots for damage

5) Any moldy or manky looking roots should be trimmed off with scissors

6) Gently lower roots into new pot whilst keeping hold of the plant and pour new potting bark mix around the edge, lightly tapping every now and then to ensure the pot is filled.
Stop just below the aerial roots. Some aerial roots above the surface is fine.

7) Water in fairly well.

8) *Optional - Top Dress with Sphagnum moss around the plant

9) Check stick and clips are supporting main stem - adjust if necessary

10) Place on a tray of clay pebbles in a saucer of water for good humidity. Provide good bright light but not too much direct sunlight and a location away from cold draughts.

⚖ BALANCE - Plants with thrive when you get the correct balance between Moisture / humidity BUT not over watering, warmth and bright light BUT not burning sun, good air circulation BUT not cold droughts!
Some available nutrients BUT not too much!