DO THE WORM! - 2 new fertilisers / soil improvers for potted Plants - #Worm Castings

2 new products now available.😎

screened sterilised indoor worm castingsworm lite

Worm Castings - a lovely organic product that's rich in NPK and trace elements plus beneficial microbes for your roots! - add some to your potted plants indoor and out.

Our worm castings are triple screened and have little to no odour - safe for indoor tropicals! - add just 5-10% to your potting mix or scatter some around existing plants - lots of natural benefits!!!

Also available as WORM LITE which is enhanced with charcoal for further benefits.

Do the Worm!

Worm Lite 

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sterilised worm castings. 

Healthy soil = healthy plants!! ☘