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Flower Power!

Some image from around the garden today

Striped stars petunia flower

Pretty Petunias!


starry night flower

Petunia 'starry night'

colocasia black magic leaf taro

'Black Magic' elephants ear - these can be grown fairly well in summer months in UK, need protection in winter - moisture and sun loving tropical plants that can be grown from tubers.

opuntia Cacti

the prickly pear cactus (opuntia) one of the best species for outdoor growing in UK - Tolerates some cold and wet - always use a well draining soil though - we pot ours with Charc-lite and cactex soil conditioners available in the shop here


petunia starry night flowers

love these!


all potted plants (inside and out) will benefit from the use of horticultural charcoal - available to buy here


Banana Plant (red)

lovely red Musa growing well!



another one of our favs : )