Protecting Plants for winter! - UK Tropicals - Overwintering

Its getting cold now! today is November the 25th here in southern England.

We have already put most of our tender potted plants away in the greenhouse for the winter months including banana, opuntia cacti and elephant ears.

Some specimens such as cordyline, yukka and agave will probably be OK in the garden as long as it doesn't get too low and frosty! best to keep these drier in colder weather though. Our tree ferns have always remained outside and seem to cope with winter just fine.


Spanish Dagger Yucca - this one will remain outside.


Agave originally grown from a cutting found on the side of the road in Crete - has tolerated our winters fine so far!


elephant ear

This Elephant Ear Taro (Colocassia) will likely die back soon and tuber needs to be dry stored for winter

greenhouse unheated

Bits and bobs already in greenhouse for winter protection - including Musa, Fern, Aeonium and various cacti


Large Opuntia - quite tolerant of cold but placed in greenhouse to be on the safe side

Tree Fern

Tree ferns seem to do OK outside all year here but can should be protected in colder zones and during very cold weather.



a once mighty Gunnera (giant rhubarb) is now dying back - its usually a good idea to mulch the plant while it sleeps in winter - they come back with a vengeance as soon as the weather warms up!😀