Cactex™ COMPLETE Soil for Cacti & Succulents

Cactex™ COMPLETE Soil for Cacti & Succulents

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Product Description:

Terra Core® Cactex COMPLETE™

Premium potting mix for succulents and cactus plants.


The ultimate Cactus Substrate!

  • Cactex Soil 
  • Special Blend
  • Includes: Loam / Compost / Sand / Grit / Pebbles / Perlite & Carbon
  • +Plus slow release natural fertiliser
  • Excellent Drainage, Aeration & Root Health
  • Ideal For Dry Climate Plants such as Cacti & Succulents

Cactex Complete combines a special blend of high quality ingredients including: Loam based compost, Perlite, Grit , Gravel, Sand and Horticultural Charcoal, Its also rich in balanced trace elements & minerals too!

Many plants require excellent drainage and aeration in order to thrive. Standard potting soils can allow water to sit around the roots causing rot & disease and are not suited to plants from arid climates.

Cactex complete allows water to escape, increased ventilation & better uptake of nutrients. It has beneficial ingredients that help maintain a healthy environment for plant roots.

A ready to use potting medium for your arid plants!

No chemicals or other additives, Made in the UK by Terra Core.