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Fish Tank Glass Cleaner 500ml Large Volume

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Fish Tank Glass Cleaner 500ml Large Volume

Aquarium Glass Cleaner
Cleaning spray for fish tank glass.

  • Specially formulated for aquarium glass
  • Quick & Easy smear free cleaning
  • Removes greasy finger marks
  • Cuts through mineral deposits
  • Streak Free Cleaning
  • Suitable for glass or acrylic viewing panels
  • Ammonia Free - Low Toxicity
  • Safe to use around your tank
  • Anti Microbial
  • Quick Dry formula
  • Make your tank HD again!
  • For External Surfaces
  • Use with normal kitchen towel for excellent results
  • Advanced formula used by aquatics industry professionals

available in mini or XL value bottle sizes and multi packs - You Choose

500ml version

aquarium glass cleaner