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Masters Mix oyster mushroom substrate
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Mushroom Growing Medium - Masters Mix - Soya Hulls & Sawdust

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Mushroom Masters Mix Ingredients - Soya Bean Hulls & Oak Sawdust

Includes both ingredients needed to make 'Masters Mix'! suitable for growing gourmet wood loving mushrooms.

Usage Guide:
Mix Equal Parts Soya Hulls & Oak Sawdust with water - Hydrate to 60%, and sterilize at 15 PSI for min 2.5 hours.
[1.5 Kg of sawdust and 1.5kg of soya hulls added to 3.6 Litres of water will yield you 6.6Kg of substrate.]

Due to high nutrient content its very prone to contamination so all necessary sanitation steps must be taken.
NOTE: Masters mix must be Fully sterilized before inoculation and kept away from all sources of contamination.

You will receive:

1 x Bag Soya Hulls - 1.5kg
1 x Bag Hardwood Oak Sawdust - 1.5kg

enough to create 6.6kg of substrate when hydrated!

For use by well researched growers using the sterile technique.Great for Oyster Mushrooms, Shitake, Lions Mane and many woodland species - huge yields when done correctly and with a bit of luck!