Orchid Pots Small x 10

Orchid Pots Small x 10

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Orchid pots - 10 Pack - Small

✔ Professional Orchid Pots.
✔ Clear pots with ventilation.
✔ Made with 100% recycled material.
✔ Asymmetrical drainage channels.
✔ Patented plant tabs for attachment of supports.
✔ Side slits and domed holes for balanced air/moisture ratio.
✔ Can be used as standalone or sat inside a decorative outer pot.
✔ Transparent to view roots and moisture content.
✔ Also ideal for other epiphytes such as bromeliads.
✔ Keep plants healthy & blooming time after time!

Specification:  approx11cm diameter by 11cm deep - 0.75 litre in volume translucent recycled plastic. 

we also stock larger sizes and professional substrates.