Piranha Tshirt long sleeved

Piranha Fish T-Shirt - Long Sleeved

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Piranha Fish Long Sleeved T-Shirt by Aqua Kult™

Mens / Unisex Fit

Red Bellied Piranha T-Shirt by Aqua Kult - made with certified organic cotton and vibrant long lasting inks! - Exclusive to Coreshop!

Piranhas are fascinating and often misunderstood creatures, here are some of the most interesting facts about them:

  1. Despite their reputation as fierce carnivores, Piranhas are actually omnivores and eat a variety of plant and animal matter.

  2. Piranhas rarely pose a threat to humans and attacks on people are very rare.

  3. Former US President Theodore Roosevelt helped spread the myth of the Piranha's ferocious nature after witnessing a feeding frenzy during an expedition to South America.

  4. Piranhas can eat very quickly, consuming an entire fish in just a few minutes.

  5. Piranha smuggling is a big business, with some species being sold illegally for high prices on the black market.

  6. Piranhas prefer warm water and cannot survive in water that is too cold.

  7. Piranhas have a highly developed sense of smell, which they use to locate food in murky waters.

  8. Piranhas are actually eaten by people in some parts of South America and are considered a delicacy.

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